What BSEP is doing

BSEP – Linking Opportunities to Those Seeking Them The Bexley Skills and Employment Partnership is a consortia of organisations aiming to improve access to skills and employment opportunities for residents in the London Borough of Bexley.
BSEP is currently considering its Action Plan for 2014 which will continue to focus on local priorities, including an on-going reduction in unemployment, particularly for young people (aged 18-24). The Action Plan will also focus on improving participation at age 17, skills gaps within the borough, and skills development that will improve access to employment, support local employers and improve the labour market to assist inward investment.
Here are some of the outcomes that BSEP has already achieved:

Reducing Unemployment in Bexley
BSEP set a target to reduce registered unemployment by 7.5% from 4,603 claimants in April 2013 to 4,255 claimants by April 2014. Between April 2013 and March 2014 the JSA claimant count in the borough dropped by 34% to 3,036. This was achieved through a variety of initiatives and projects which included Tesco.com and skills development courses provide using funding from a variety of sources, including the Skills Funding Agency Adult Skills Budget. The use of sector based work academies and projects such as Get Britain Working which provided young people with 8 week work experience placements, enabled local people to demonstrate their abilities in the work place.

Skills for the Unemployed
A number of local skills providers, including Adult Education College, Bexley College and Bexley Twofold / Resources plus, work closely with Jobcentre Plus to continue to develop and deliver successful skills development projects, that support unemployed residents to gain the skills that will enable them to access employment. Delivery is supported via Jobcentre Plus to maximise expertise and funding whilst minimising duplication.

Local College First
Adult Education College, Bexley College and Resources plus are key local partners working with Education and the Learning Disability Team to deliver a tailored local curriculum offer to support young people with learning disabilities to continue their education in Bexley post 18. The project was piloted for the academic year 2013-14 and partners are currently working towards a further cohort joining the project in 2014-15.

Borough-wide, local apprenticeship providers and employers have supported significant improvements in apprenticeship take up and achievement. There are number of apprenticeship providers in Bexley, including Skills for Growth, Middleton Murray and the Reynolds Group.

Community Plan 2013-16
Adult Education College has led on the development of Bexley’s Community Plan, working with Bexley Voluntary Sector Council (BVSC). The Plan is supported by BSEP members and other local partners. Adult Education College is currently collating partner pledges to support community learning across the borough.

Keeping up to date
The simplest way to keep up to date with what BSEP and its constituent partner organisations are doing and offering is by following our Twitter feed. You can view our Twitter feed on our homepage or by following us through Twitter @BexSEP

Here BSEP and its partners will post news updates, success stories and events and opportunities that you may be interested in, along with links for further information and how you can get involved.