What Is BSEP?

The Bexley Skills and Employment Partnership (BSEP) is a consortia of organisations who have come together to increase access to skills and employment opportunities for residents and business in and around the London Borough of Bexley.With expertise in the provision of training, information, advice and guidance and recruitment solutions BSEP can join together those looking to up-skill, those looking for advice and support and those either looking for work, or looking to recruit, with the best services the Borough has to make those things happen. BSEP remains impartial, ensuring that the needs of the individual or business are best met by referring them to the most appropriate BSEP Partner, or combination of Partners where a joined-up approach will create the best outcome.

Why does BSEP exist?

The London Borough of Bexley is resolute in its ambition for local children and adults to maximise their ability to access all possible education and employment opportunities. The Council is also committed to supporting local businesses to help them prosper and grow, providing local jobs and contributing more widely to the local economy.

The co-ordinated delivery of education, vocational skills and community learning in Bexley will promote and support Borough-wide improvement in academic and vocational outcomes, as well as social and personal progression for all residents. This approach will raise aspiration and skill levels, enhance community engagement and build a labour market that will attract new business and more jobs into the Borough.

Working together the Bexley Skills and Employment Partnership will increase accessibility to opportunities and address inequalities in participation, developing services that will enhance social and employment outcomes for all Bexley residents.

At a time of heavily constrained public finances, it has never been more important for all partners to work closely together to ensure that all resources, including buildings, are used to maximum effect.

BSEP Partners
16 organisations make up the Bexley Skills and Employment Partnership. Details on each Partner can be found on their website, accessible through the BSEP Partners page by clicking here.

Our Priorities
The Bexley Skills and Employment Partnership has 4 top priorities:

  • Ensure that learning and skills directly contribute to employment, growth, economic success for local residents and businesses, and supports inward investment.
  • Increase social and educational aspiration across Bexley, with particular emphasis on young people and those communities that face greater challenges
  • Support lifelong personal aspiration and wellbeing through learning for leisure, health and volunteering.
  • Seek, secure and manage external funding for economic and social development to support regeneration.

Information on how the Bexley Skills and Employment Partnership aims to achieve its priorities can be found in its Adult Learning, Skills and Employment Strategy available for download here.